About Us


Suncity Group Ltd. was founded in 2007. Since establishment, Suncity Group Ltd. has been striving to provide the extraordinary VIP entertainment service for our guests, and we then opened a number of Suncity Clubs in various 6-star hotels and resorts throughout Macau with the rapid growth of our business. Meanwhile, we successively set up exclusive Suncity Clubs in Manila, Seoul, Incheon, Phnom Penh and Da Nang, etc. Adhering to the spirit of “Innovating With Diversity, Striving For Success”, Suncity Group Ltd. spared no effort to develop high-end entertainment services and products as well as establish global VIP loyalty program for the selected members to enjoy an unrivaled experience of ultimate entertainment. Today, our business has been increasingly diversified, engaging in various sectors of global tourism, concert and event planning, integrated resorts management, exquisite fine dining and luxury fashion. As a Macau born and bred enterprise, Suncity Group Ltd. is not only devoted to develop the Asian market, but also oriented to expand the global network. In the future, we will surely continue to diversify our VIP entertainment services, attract more exclusive members and make every effort to promote our business in every corner of the world.

CEO's Message

Adversity is our "true friend"! If you dare to grasp the chance and create the breakthrough in your life, "Adversity" could bring you an extraordinary success!

Dare to Go Big for Global Expansion

2018 has been an abundant year for Suncity Group Ltd. with a fruitful business growth. Last year, Suncity Group Ltd. set up one more Suncity Club in Macau and three more in Cambodia and the Philippines, keeping the expansion of our business market share in local and overseas. In July, 2018, Suncity Club has been qualified by the SGS Qualicert™ as the first “7-Star Integrated VIP Services and Entertainment Enterprise” in the world. What’s more? We supported the Macau Grand Prix for the fifth consecutive year which put Suncity Group Ltd. on the map as a famous entertainment enterprise.

Strive to Serve The Most Luxurious for Our Guests

In 2019, Suncity will revolutionize the membership system and proudly promote "Sun Supreme Club" to our VIP guests in order to further optimize VIP entertainment services. We dare to say that "Sun Supreme Club" is the world’s first integrated membership as it lets every VIP to enjoy the exclusive services and products provided by our subsidiary companies, including high-end entertainment services, exclusive films and live concerts, unique travel products, top-class food and beverages and luxury shopping. In return, we could manage and utilize our resources more effectively and boosts the company profit more extensively.

Diversify to Achieve Market Expansion

Since establishment, Suncity Group Ltd. has strived to think big and act courageous. We clearly know that "patience" and "bravery" are the keys to achieve our today’s success! In spite of that, Suncity Group Ltd. as a Macau-based enterprise must not relax our efforts and will keep moving forward to expand our marketing internationally and gain further success!

In 2019, we will move forward together to seek for greater success.

Sincerely, Alvin Chau

Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group Ltd.