• 《Suncity Group Presents: Fei Yu Ching 2019 Farewell Concert Macao》
  • Suncity Group Presents: Wang Feng "That Is It" Concert Tour 2019 – Macao
  • Suncity Group Presents《My Beautiful Live Miriam Yeung World Tour Macao》
  • Suncity Group Presents: Ronald Cheng ONE MORE TIME World Tour Live – Macao
  • Suncity Group Presents《AARON KWOK de Aa Kode WORLD TOUR 2019 LIVE IN MACAO》
  • Suncity Group Presents : JAY CHOU THE INVINCIBLE CONCERT TOUR 2 2018 - MACAO
  • Suncity Group Presents : JACKY CHEUNG A CLASSIC TOUR – 2018 MACAO
  • Palm Springs
  • Abyssal Spider
  • The White Storm 2: Drug Lords
  • Operation Red Sea
  • Tracey
  • Paradox
  • Operation Mekong
  • Love off the cuff

Sun Entertainment Culture produces and distributes film productions. Since establishment in 2011, the Company has actively invested in, produced and distributed more than 100 films, including Vulgaria, Love off the cuff, The Way We Dance, Helios, SPL II: A Time for Consequences, Paradox, The Brink, Operation Mekong and Operation Red Sea, etc. The 2015 film SPL II: A Time for Consequences, directed by Cheang Pou-soi with Tony Jaa, Wu Jing and Zhang Jin, has grossed over RMB 560 million at the Chinese box office, with Li Chung Chi awarded the Best Action Choreography at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards. Directed by Wilson Yip and starring Louis Ku, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Wu Yue, Paradox was well received by critics in 2017 and has won several significant awards including the Best Action Film and the Best Actor at the 12th Asian Film Awards, as well as three distinctive awards at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Actor, Best Sound Design and the Best Action Choreography. In 2018, co-invested by Sun Entertainment Culture, the Operation Red Sea was a blockbuster with more than RMB 3.6 billion box office record.

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