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Highlights of the 13th Asian Film Awards

  • 第13屆亞洲電影大獎 - cover
  • 第13屆亞洲電影大獎 - 1
  • 第13屆亞洲電影大獎 - 2
  • 第13屆亞洲電影大獎 - cover
  • 第13屆亞洲電影大獎 - 1
  • 第13屆亞洲電影大獎 - 2

Suncity Group has endeavored to promote the development of the film industry by sponsoring and participating in a wide array of entertainment events, aiming to offer general public high-quality sensational enjoyment. This year, Suncity Group is honored to be the sponsor of the 13th Asian Film Awards.


The 13th Asian Film Awards, a premier film industry event in Asia, was held at Tseung Kwan O Television Broadcasting City, Hong Kong on March 17 in the theme of ”film restoration”, with the objective of encouraging younger generation to indulge in the appreciation of classic masterpieces.


It was a star-studded evening assembling countless celebrities, international superstars and film industry elites, including Celebrity Jury Ken Watanabe, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Lee Changdong, Kara Wai, Gigi Leung, Jordan Chan, Cherrie Ying, Alex To, etc.


Operation Red Sea and Tracey, produced with a joint investment of Sun Entertainment Culture Limited, received several nominations in the 13th Asian Film Awards.


The four nominations for Operation Red Sea include Best Newcomer (Huang Jingyu), Best Editing (Choi Chi Hung and Lam Chi Hang), Best Visual Effects (Lee In-ho and Kang Tae-gyun) and Best Sound (Nopawat Likitwong, Sarunyu Nurnsai). Among them, Huang Jingyu’s wonderful performance won him the Best Newcomer award and Operation Read Sea was the 2018 Top Grossing Asian Film.


Operation Red Sea

After a coup took place in the nation of ”Yewaire” on the Arabian Peninsula, terrorist organizations and rebel forces takes a complete control of the capital which endangers the local Chinese. The eight-member Jiaolong Assault team is assigned the task of evacuation. The terrorists' plans to weaponize yellowcake material into a dirty bomb were also uncovered. Given very poor support from the local government, the Jiaolong squad must manage to rescue the Chinese civilians while protecting the nuclear materials from the terrorists.


Tracey was nominated for twice: Best Supporting Actor (River Huang) and Best Supporting Actress (Kara Wai) and Kara Wai won the Best Supporting Actress again for Tracey.



51-year-old married man Travis Tung (Philip Keung) receives a late-night call from a young writer (River Huang) in London, and is informed the death of a high-school friend, the same-sex husband of the writer. The decease reminded Travis of his long-held secret: he has always believed he is a woman in a man’s body. Following a chance reunion with a transgender Chinese opera singer, he makes up his mind to undergo gender transition. His wife (Kara Wai) refuses to accept this, his son (Siu Hin Ng) is confused, and his daughter (Siu Hin Ng)’s marriage is in trouble...What will become of Travis after he becomes Tracey?


Suncity Group will continue to invest and produce more excellent works to fully support the development of the film industry.

March 17, 2019