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Suncity Group Title Sponsors “San San Music Party” LIVE Concert - Coming Soon

  • 奏出夢想VII
  • 奏出夢想VII

Suncity Group has long taken up the important task of cultural heritage and actively promoted arts and culture both at home and abroad. As the title sponsor of the “San San Music Party” LIVE Concert, Suncity Group hopes to bring more Macao residents into contact with the unique charm of art and arouse young people's awareness and interest in related cultures.

Organised by San San Education, the “San San Music Party” series has been held for five years and is a platform for children to express their creativity and achieve a more diversified development

Students of different ages will appear on stage with a variety of performances including jazz drumming pieces, Chinese dance, rich and colourful stage show by young pianist, plus choir performance.

Each programme is guided by instructors to ensure that the participants are at their best to perform on stage. The aim is to break the age limit and provide artistic nourishment to the new generation, so that they can express their dreams with confidence.

As a Macao born and bred enterprise, Suncity Group hopes to help children to develop and contribute to the cultivation of the next generation through this event, and at the same time, to promote the arts culture in Macao.

Suncity Group Title Sponsors “San San Music Party” LIVE Concert – Ticketing Information

Ticket Price:

MOP 350 (A Reserve)

Date and Time:

April 14, 2021, 8:00 p.m.


Grand Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre

For inquiries please contact Sun Travel 24-Hour Hotline at +853 8891 1988

March 24, 2021