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Sun Food and Beverage’s “Danang Vietnamese Cuisine” Now Available at Luzumiao, Chongqing

  • 太陽餐飲「峴港.越南料理」正式進駐重慶魯祖廟
  • 太陽餐飲「峴港.越南料理」正式進駐重慶魯祖廟
  • 太陽餐飲「峴港.越南料理」正式進駐重慶魯祖廟
  • 太陽餐飲「峴港.越南料理」正式進駐重慶魯祖廟

Suncity Group strives to enrich Mainland’s catering sector. Together with its project of HOIANA, the Group introduces Vietnam’s culture of gastronomy to the Mainland, and through the establishment of “Danang Vietnamese Cuisine” by Sun Food and Beverage, bringing in the best of foreign cultures to the country.

Since the establishment of its first Chongqing restaurant in 2016, “Danang Vietnamese Cuisine” has been well received by patrons as it becomes the leading brand of Vietnamese cuisine in the southwest region. Through these years, 7 branches have been established in Chengdu and Chongqing, and among them is the Luzumiao branch of “Danang Vietnamese Cuisine”, opening its doors in January this year.

The Luzumiao branch is a version 2.0 of the brand: besides the authentic Vietnamese cuisine, the restaurant also offers various bar snacks, cocktails, liquors and quality wines, making the restaurant a perfect place to hang out with friends.

New branch

Second branch in Chongqing

Tel: 023-60335364

100 Shihuishi, Yuzhong District

45 Shihuishi Old Street, Luzumiao Area, Chongqing

By creating a diversified platform for Mainland’s catering market, Suncity Group aims to enhance cooperation through the art of gastronomy. In the future, the Group will continue to adhere to the national policy of “going global” and contribute to the country’s economy.

January 25, 2021