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Statement of Clarification

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It has come to our notice that illegal fundraising and sales activities were running at Crowne Plaza Danang, Vietnam, and Paradise City, Incheon, Korea by a certain individual under the name “Wangzi Suncity”. Without any authorization from Suncity Group (hereafter “The Group”) to use its name, the name of the Group was used for publicity. The Group hereby solemnly declares:


1. The Group, including its affiliates and its related companies, has neither signed any partnership agreements nor engaged in any commercial associations or business activities with “Wangzi Suncity”.

2. The Group has never authorized or agreed that “Wangzi Suncity” represent the group in conducting fundraising or any activities under the name of the Group.

3. The Group is not related with any matters referred to by “Wangzi Suncity” and explicitly denies any actions conducted by this individual under the Group’s name.

4. The Group holds no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages incurred by anyone as a result of the contents of the publicity conducted by “Wangzi Suncity”.

5. The Group reserves the right to take legal actions and shall take reciprocal legal measures in due course against “Wangzi Suncity” for using the Group’s name, trade name, trademark, corporate logo and public information without authorization.


Lastly, the Group diligently reminds the public to be cautious and analyse the information and news released illegitimately by “Wangzi Suncity”. The public should clearly understand that the action committed by “Wangzi Suncity” has no relations with the Group. The Group expresses its highest concern with such matter and reserves the rights to take any legal actions against the illegal use of the name of the Group.


This solemn declaration is provided to ensure clarity of the situation.


Yours respectfully

Suncity Group

18 May, 2018

May 18, 2018